Support Plans
  • Support Plans are the appropriate and logical response to behaviour that is not improving. Each time an incident is recorded by any staff member for a particular student, that student moves to the next Support Plan. However, the student only moves if they have received the full support of the current plan. For example, if the student was at level 3, someone must have called home and spoke to the parents before moving onto level 4). The completion of each plan allows for maximum behavioural change. The Incident Management Program conveniently tracks all Support Plans for you and automatically moves the student along when the current Support Plan is complete.

Support Plan
Verbal Reprimand
Teacher communicates to the student that their behaviour is inappropriate.
Student Conversation
Teacher takes the student aside and discusses the inappropriate behaviour.
Parent Conversation
Teacher contacts home for parental support and awareness.
Staff Conversation
Staff offer helpful suggestions for how to best interact with the student.
Office sets up a meeting to develop a behaviour plan or course of action. Each school decides how to best run their meetings (i.e., will just concerned staff and administration be there, or will there be others like parents, counsellor, the student in question, etc.).
Suspension/ Office's Discretion
The office decides the appropriate course of action.