Behaviour problems? We have the solution. The Incident Management Program helps to identify students in need and co-ordinates the assistance and support they require.

Stop bullying or other behaviours of a serious nature before they have the chance to develop.  Become proactive versus reactive!

Facing behavioural problems alone is difficult.  By working together, much more can be accomplished than by going at it alone.

Recording, collecting, and organizing incident information can be a daunting task.  Traditionally, this has been done on paper and in not always the most effective manner.

At the touch of a button you can bring up graphs, charts, or grids of your data for whatever most interests you.

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What is it?
The Incident Management Program (IMP) is an online computer system designed to assist teachers, schools, and school boards in the management of students with behaviour problems. The IMP helps to identify students in need and co-ordinates the assistance and support they require. It’s an effective behaviour management system where educators can efficiently record, collect, and organize incident information, watch student behavioural trends, and take a proactive approach in stopping bullying and other negative behaviours.

Our school tried this program out for two years. After the two years of success, we adopted a new program which was supposed to be "all encompassing". However, after a couple of months we went back to IMP. It is just fundamentally the best behaviour management program out there! It is organized, promotes logical consequences, and is suited to meet the specific needs of any school. Also, it allows us to run reports and focus our attention on improving specific behaviours. This is simply the best program running as it tracks, offers suggestions and helps teachers improve unwanted negative behaviour. Additionally, another thing that is great about this program is the customer care. The creators are always looking for ways to improve the program to suit its users. I sent a request for a change and received an email that very same day with their solution to the problem! IMP is the best! I absolutely love IMP!
Michael Duclos, Principal

Customer support has been excellent! They have been helpful and quick to resolve all our needs. The program is educator friendly. It has been designed to fit the needs of teachers and administrators unlike a lot of other programs. It is intuitive, user friendly, and it works.
Joe Leblanc, Vice Principal

We had ongoing issues with problems in communication that are so easy to happen with busy teachers. As we used the Incident Management Program tracking I saw a marked improvement in communication between staff and with administration regarding student behaviour. The result was a more professional and supportive approach to student behaviour issues. I found the company to be very responsive to our needs. As an administrator, I felt I was able to respond to student and teacher needs in a consistent way and to a large degree could manage my own time better as issues were dealt with in a more effective manner.
Greg Storey, Superintendent

The program is good for parent relations as all incidents are recorded, follow-ups are documented, and a meeting happens if necessary. This shows the parents that their child has had intervention and a chance to make a better choice.
Phyllis Gibbons, Teacher

I like it MUCH more than paper work. It saves a lot of time by just being able to log in and fill in the appropriate boxes and send messages. The less paperwork, the better! I think it's a great tool!
Lisa Mackenzie, Teacher

Monitoring Student Behaviour
Good student behaviour is the key to academic success. Poor behaviour in school often results in class disruption and the loss of learning. The IMP provides guided student behaviour support to enable your staff to work together as a team for a better school with the goal of reducing student behaviour problems and increasing academic success.

Tracking in Schools
Student behaviour assessment doesn’t have to be difficult! Tracking student behaviour problems is easy if you have the right tool. Some student incident tracking programs limit you to only one user login per school. With the IMP, each staff member receives their own personalized login which will enable every staff member to log their own incidents. This eliminates the tedious task of one person having to collect and manually compile all the incidents and enter them at a later date. The IMP is more fluid and effective, and best of all, staff members are happy entering their own incidents as it’s quick and easy! As those incidents are entered, the data is analyzed and staff are guided in managing student behaviour. Tracking in the IMP will work particularily well for those schools who follow the behaviour models of EBS (effective behaviour support), pbs (positive behaviour support), and swpbs (school wide positive behaviour support).

School Bullying Programs
School bullying seems to be on the rise. There are many programs that deal with school bullying but most deal with conflict resolution or teaching the students how to react when confronted with a bully. Although helpful, these techniques fall short in managing school bullying. School bullies are repeat offenders. The Incident Management Program helps you to track and record bullying. The IMP helps you work with all students involved to prevent further incidents. Better yet, spot patterns and prevent students from ever becoming a school bully in the first place!

Safer Schools
Identifying student behaviour problems is critical in maintaining safer schools. Student assessments are only possible when you have data. Student incident management programs should help you track and analyze data. The IMP does this well with charts, graphs, and grids to help you step back and see the big picture and any patterns that may have developed. Use this data to become proactive vs. reactive and build a safer school!

Information Sharing
When information is shared amongst colleagues, successful intervention strategies can be implemented sooner, before a major problem develops. Having an efficient way for educators to share and access student information is critical. The IMP makes this possible and fosters a spirit of teamwork.

EBS, PBS, SW-PBS Programs
As part of their philosophy, Effective Behaviour Support, Positive Behaviour Support, and School Wide Positive Behaviour Support programs all have a component which emphasizes tracking and recording negative behaviour. Many schools have difficulty keeping track of negative behaviours. The Incident Management Program is designed to do all the hard work for you. In fact, recording the negative behaviours will lead you to positive ones as the IMP just doesn’t stop at the recording part. This education software helps you transform the negative behaviours into positive ones!

Helping Student Make Better Decisions
The IMP is an online program for schools designed to help guide students make better behavioural decisions. The software achieves this by organizing student incidents and applying a program of support to each student. The support increases with student need thereby resulting in positive behavioral change.

Emails to Keep you Organized!
The Incident Management Program is one of the best teacher and principal resources for managing student behavior! Automatic emails keep you up to date when a new incident occurs. As well, teachers and administrators may discuss incidents online, saving valuable time and keeping everyone organized and efficient. Additionally, an email is automatically sent out when you receive a response from someone preventing the need to continuously check the incident management software.

Why get it?
One of the most difficult tasks in the school system today is managing the behavior of students in an educational setting. Whether the problem is school bullying or outbursts in the classroom the assessment, management and tracking of these incidents has been a resource that principles and teachers did not have access to until now. The Incident Management Program allow professionals in the education system to collaborate and manage developing trends that may be detrimental to the learning process, in the early stages before situations spiral out of control. The IMP (Incident Management Program) is an online computer application that can make your school a safer and more conducive place to learn and educate our children.

Incident Forms
Want an easy and useful form for reporting any student incident? The IMP collects all your incident data in one convenient form. Easy to use fields, drop-down selections and a large text area complement the form. The program collects and stores all this information for you. No more messy paperwork! Additionally, the IMP uses this data to generate summative and historical reports for individuals or for the entire school as a whole.

School Reports
Generate reports for individual students or the entire school. The reports are easy to read and include full colour graphs and charts. Administrators are automatically emailed a report at the end of each month with a summative analysis of their school.

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  • EBS (Effective Behaviour Support)
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